Open Letter


 "The quality is in the conversation."  Tom O'Connell, CLU®   RIA

What do you consider a risk-less guaranteed value proposition ??

 Dear Friend:

            My name is Thomas O'Connell.           Valuable offer contained herein.

As a child, I can remember sending away for all kinds of literature from famous American companies: special offers, promotions, and public relations types of information. I received vast amounts of material, eagerly opened the envelopes, looked at the bright colored ads and found even more offers ! It seems that there was no end to the offers. And I continued to send for more.

            I received so much information from those  companies that I stored it inside of a large hassock with a removable  top. My parents got a kick out of the whole thing, and would amusingly  remind me of those activities years later. I have to laugh, even now, at  those goings-on. It seems that I was a precocious, curious child. My curiosity has never left me !

Many offers arrive in our mailboxes- all kinds of mass mailings ! How often do you find one that is truly valuable ? That's why you barely glance at them and toss them into the waste basket. You get so many of them, and many waste your time, right ?

My offer will not waste your time. This offer will not be mass mailed.

I like work and I like having the money it produces. I began work at 13, (illegally ?)  sorting bottles in the basement of a small grocery market in a Boston  suburb. I shoveled snow off of driveways until a guy with a jeep put us  out of business. I had a paper route. By the time I was a teenager, I  had short lived jobs washing  dishes in a restaurant, working  for the  USPS at Christmas time, and the town tree department.

            Finally, I got a summer job doing manual labor in a building materials factory. I was excited to be getting solid pay for hard work in my new summer job. So excited, as a matter of fact, that I received a speeding ticket on the way home to show my parents my first paycheck ! I worked in that factory for four summers right through my junior year of college.

I know how hard you work. It's  hard enough to make money, but maybe its even harder to keep.

That's why we're skeptical, isn't it ? That's why I'm curious about things. I like getting to the bottom of it.

            And thats exactly why my offer is quite valuable !

            I'm curious about many things. I'm curious about solicitations regarding insurance and financial products. That is my area of focus. I receive solicitations, and frankly, sometimes I wonder what they have in mind. How focused are the solicitors on my needs ? Yes, sometimes it seems like it's a one size fits all philosophy. I don't see it that way. Do you ?

I'm curious about what I'm not being told.  I'm curious when I can't get answers. I can tell you that I can recognize misdirected, half truths, and offers lacking merit in a heartbeat. Discerning  needs, - getting to the bottom of it- and providing solutions - that is  my focus ! You see, I will respectfully tell you that I have real world experience with insurance and financial products and their suitability.

            With me, there is no hidden agenda. You'll get answers, the  truth as I know it. If it's relevant,  I can find the answer. You will benefit  from my offer.

            After school I ended up in the west, in California. I worked for a fine old American company, travelling the Western states promoting the firm's products. Then I represented the firm in California. The west was all new to me, and I was very fortunate to get the lay of the land, so to speak.

            That's what you'll get from me,  ......the lay of the land..... Let me give you an example:
            if you were to travel to a foreign land, with varying  topographies, you would probably want to know how best to get around. It  might be the kind of place where a bus or train might take you across  the country from point to point. Or it might not. If you were unsure at  any point,
            you'd look for experienced advice.

Same with life insurance.

            As a wise person, you would study the terrain, and decide  what types of transportation would get you safely where you were bound.  If you could afford it, you would seek the best possible means for your  trip. One might be best for a portion of the trip and one best for  another. You wouldn't want to discover the hard way, that you were on  the wrong bus. Or that you would have been better off by far, on the  train.

            With Tom O'Connell, that's what you get. The lay of the  land, a comfortable familiarity with your options. No unhappy surprises.  Life Insurance vehicles you select are every bit as important (some  would say, more important) than those modes of travel in a foreign land.
            Life insurance and related types of carriers to get you where you want to go. Safely and securely.

You will see how my offer is extremely valuable to you. Of course this applies only to those of you who want clear answers.This is not off the shelf business as usual.

            After a while, I started my own distribution company  on a shoe string. Before too long it had a number of branches, 25  employees and about 25 pieces of rolling equipment. I learned all phases  of that business. I learned how to read an income statement and a balance sheet. It was physically and mentally challenging. This company was successful for many years.

            I was a Registered Representative for one of the country's premier investment brokerage houses. I learned about stocks and bonds and the like. I learned what I was comfortable doing and what I wasn't comfortable doing.

These things learned through experience allow me to make you an exceptional offer.

            I earned a teaching credential and taught school. I realized, as I went along, that when I taught, I learned and reinforced that learning. The more I questioned things, the more I learned.  I realized that I enjoyed helping youngsters - especially those who wanted help and needed it.

            I enjoy showing adults - real value opportunities. I enjoy helping people, and teaching helps people. In my opinion, teaching is a vital prerequisite to sales. If you are selling doughnuts, even great donuts, you have to talk about the hole in the doughnut !

            My curiosity causes me to ask important questions of the  insurance carriers I represent. Important, because the answers are  important to you. What is it about you and your family that will warrant using a particular product or strategy ? One size does not fit all, my friends. Real value comes from facts, and suitability, not from hype and noise.

            You're probably very busy and it's tough to slow down a bit to evaluate things. Important things to you and your family. That's where Thomas O'Connell comes in. I can help you discern what will work best for you and your family.

You may be asking, is this about insurance ? I can tell you with absolute certainty what this is not about. It's not about turning quality considerations into commodities ! It's not about once over lightly. It's not about quick fixes.This is about the opportunity for you to get the best fit  to enhance your family's financial well being. This is about discerning  what you want to do, and gaining assistance to help you get it done.

This is your chance to speak with a  well versed professional. This is your chance to review your current  policies and see if they're doing what they were intended to do. To make  sure you have what you think you have. This is the right time. And this  is the right person with the right resources for you.

Here's what one client had to say :

"When I  was in my 30's I purchased a universal life insurance policy to protect  my young family should anything happen to me. The policy served me well  for many years
            and grew in cash value.

            Years later, Tom reviewed my policy and pointed out that  when I purchased the policy, interest rates were high, but that things  are different now. Because of this, I was shown that my cash value would  shrink over time to maintain the death benefit. Tom and I agreed that a  1035 exchange into a whole life policy with Mass Mutual was  advantageous
            for me and my family.

            I appreciate Tom for showing me how a different kind of  policy will take care of my needs for the coming years and leave me with  a good cash value down the road."

            Colliers International
            David Evans
            Senior Vice President

You know that happy feeling when you find a $20 bill or more in your coat pocket.
            Well multiply that by thousands !!
My offer could save you thousands of $$$!

            If you have life insurance policies in your desk that you  haven't looked at in years, they may be worth thousands and thousands of  dollars to you. Or the value may be slipping away, unbenownst to you as  you age. Lets look at em ! Or if you're not sure what you have any  more, lets find out. You may make a discovery and be very glad you took  the time to do it. You may thank me for the discovery !

            That, alone would make make my offer especially unique.

            The seeds of value lie in our conversation.

            Here's what one client had to say :

            " We had discussions* and determined that the cash value of a  universal policy purchased years earlier was depleting itself as I  aged. Tom showed me how to do a tax free exchange into a new  self-sustaining Mass Mutual participating whole life policy. This  process was clearly beneficial for my family. Thanks Tom."

Charles Horejs, Morgan Hill, CA

This is not about everyone. This is about you. I am not a mass merchandiser. I am not sending out mass mailers. I really don't have time. I do have time to send out a few things to people like you. That's what I intend to do, deal with people like you. You may want to check out the front page, or take a quick look at a few testimonials.

            If you are a businessman and realize that you may have overlooked the very serious matter
            of business contingency ! Or you have been so busy, you  haven't thought about business succession, and how ignoring it can have  negative consequences, Lets TOC. Seeds of opportunity, seeds of value exist in that conversation.

            Here's what one client had to say:

"We are business owners and  already have term life insurance in place. Tom showed us the advantages  of adding a permanent whole life policy from Mass Mutual. The policy  will be in place throughout our life time. We will get our money back  with interest. If the unfortunate should occur and I become totally  disabled, Mass Mutual will pay the premium until I reach 65.
            We are not yet sure of how we will ultimately dispose of our business. Regardless
            of what we elect to do or not do with the business, this  policy will reduce the potential chaos, and burden to our family that  might otherwise occur."

Roger and Ginger Bright
            Keith Roofing Co.
            San Jose, CA.

What does all of this mean to you ? I believe many of you will find a common thread with me.
            My life seems to be one part inspiration, one part  perspiration. My varied experience will benefit you. You will find me to  be a thorough, multidisciplined, discerning individual. Moreover, you  will find me to be a highly curious person who asks many questions, and  endeavors to look at things from your perspective in a multi-dimensional  manner.

            If you are a hard working person trying to help your family,  I get it. If you are the owner of a business and want to protect the  future of your family and the future of your business, I get it. If you  are desirous of exiting your business on your own favorable terms, I get  it. If you want to protect your family's wealth and enjoy an income for  life, I get it. If you want to do something for your children or  grandchildrens' future, I get it.

            Teaching has taught me about different learning styles. It  means something to me to be able to educate plainly and clearly.  Discerning your family's needs is paramount. What's good ?
            What's not so good? What is the right thing for you to do amidst all of the clamor and noise?

            If this letter resonates with you to any extent, give me a call. Let's TOC. You may find it well worth your while.

            OFFER open to south San Jose and Morgan Hill residents strictly on an availability basis. See below for details.
            but first let me ask you what would you pay a knowledgeable and approachable consultant
well versed in the major areas that will affect you and your family. Say for an hour or more
            to ask and learn more about Life Insurance - perhaps  your existing policies and how they could be dramatically improved to  the tune of thousands of $$$. Someone committed to being unbiased.  Perhaps you find that you have just what you should have. Just as  likely, you purchased policies years ago and are not sure exactly what  you have or how they will perform going forward ! Some of you will have a  great revelation from which you will benefit greatly $$$$.

            or maybe you want to learn (more) about annuities as a  guaranteed source of income for some period or the rest of your life !  Kind of like a pension you create for yourself (yourselves).

            or maybe you want to speak with me about the various  alternatives in Long Term Care, or as some smart people are starting to  call it- Stay in your home care !

            or maybe you just want to discuss stock equities and how they  could fit into your future.......

or  maybe a nice comfortable  conversation about where you are and where you're going or want to go financially in  retirement.

            Maybe a nice pleasant free range discussion on all of the above

            Make no mistake, this offer is valuable  Yes it involves my time and your time. This offer, believe me folks is  not to be found on every corner. How long would it take you to qualify  these topics and educate yourself. Who would you ask ? a CPA ? Is that  your best bet to discuss these topics ? An attorney ? Is that your best  bet to discuss these topics ? How about a CFP ? What kind of a fee might  that entail ?

OFFER: Free: 60 minutes to discuss any or all of the topics above !!

No Obligation.
            For many or some of you this offer could be worth thousands of dollars. Take advantage ! :)

            A few will receive this offer in the mail. You can take  advantage of the same offer.
          Complete the contact  form on this site. Tell me what you want to discuss.  Leave me the best # to reach you and your email address. I'll be in touch .

            This simple small action could benefit you many $$$.
            Include your name , phone, email , and physical address. Tell me what you want to talk about.

            This offer is limited by my availability, and maybe to some degree your level of interest.
            Thank you.


Tom O'Connell, CLU®  RIA

             408 762-9762