Disability Income


 Tom O'Connell, CLU®   RIA

            Why do you need disability insurance ?

Well, What do you believe is your most valuable asset ?

            Isn't it your ability to earn an income ? ... That's where it all starts.

Dis- ability..........
What if you lost the ability to perform the duties of your occupation due to illness or injury ?....... Who would make your mortgage payments and pay your family's bills ?

If you are single protect the most important thing you have - Your Paycheck !!
Your earning power is your most valuable asset.  In your lifetime, you will earn many many $$$. What will replace those  lost $$$if you become disabled........ Shouldn't you consider insuring  your most valuable asset........?

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            Do it now while you're thinking of it !!


PS Things to know about disability:

This disability insurance is long term.
            This disability insurance, unlike most other types of insurance pays you directly.
            Group insurance, while better than nothing, is lacking when contrasting with Individual Disability insurance:

            There may be portability and cost issues associated with group.

            "Individual coverage is far superior in many ways,  one of which is the definition of total disability and the various  guarantees that individual coverage provides along with superior wording  in all the definitions,terms and conditions.
            Not to mention it is easier to be paid when one is under claim." **

            Group policies limit your coverage in several ways and cap your benefit.

            Individual policies vary and one would be well advised to educate one's self before purchasing an individual policy.

            Your largest asset is your ability to earn an income; "  before you purchase the cheapest plan ask yourself if you would buy the  cheapest parachute if you went skydiving, or the cheapest regulator if  you went scuba diving ? ***

            Disability insurance is age, health, and occupation sensitive. "Money only pays
            for this product, but good health buys it."

            **Larry Schneider Disability Insurance Resource Center,